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India is an agricultural country. About seventy percent of our inhabitants depend on agriculture. One-third of our National revenue comes from agriculture. Our financial system is based on agriculture. The development of agriculture has much to do with the economic welfare of our country.

India ranks first in the world for the production of tea and groundnuts. It ranks second in the world in the production of rice, sugarcane, jute and oil seeds. Till recent past before sovereignty our agriculture depended on rains. As a result our agriculture produce was very small. In case the monsoons were good, we got a good yield and in case the monsoons were not good, the crops failed and there was shortage in some parts of the country. After the independence our Government made plans for the development of its agriculture.

Haryana is mainly an agricultural state, where a large number of inhabitants prefer agriculture as their profession. Therefore an agricultural tour to Haryana will definitely offer you plentiful opportunity to discover countryside covered with rich vegetation. The state also dwellings the famous Chaudhary Charan Singh agricultural University which teach the much needed education about agriculture. The major agriculture productions of the states include wheat, rice, cotton, bajra, oil seed and grams. Fruits like mangoes, ber, orange and malta are also produced.

Uttar Pradesh
Uttar Pradesh is another state where agriculture is a leading form of occupation. The fertile soil of this region and sufficient supply of water supports growth of agriculture in the state. Wheat, rice, sugarcane, fruits and vegetables like potatoes are widely grown in the state. In fact Uttar Pradesh is the highest producer of sugarcane and potatoes in the country while second highest producer of rice. Our agricultural tour to Uttar Pradesh will absolutely leave a positive thought on your mind.

One of the smallest state of India, Punjab is affluent in agriculture because of the benefits it enjoys in the form of fertile soil and abundant water. The importance of Punjab as an agricultural state is recognized by the fact that the state produces around two-third of the food grains in the country, its small size even though. The state is also known as the "food basket of India" and "granary of India." A trip to Punjab will reveal to you a land that is full of green and golden lands.

Andhara Pradesh
The record of Andhra Pradesh as an agricultural destination is proved by the fact that the state is known as the "Rice granary of India." Though, the capital of Andhra Pradesh (Hyderabad) has marked a place of fame in the arena of Information Technology, agriculture is the major source of income for the majority of the population. The state's agricultural output has made it a major player in the economical growth of India. Watered by two important rivers of the country- Godavari and Krishna - the state produces sugarcane, tobacco, mirchi, cotton and other local crops, apart from rice. Andhra Pradesh forms an important part of agricultural India.

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